Monday, March 10, 2014

My last weekend experience with Flippa auctions

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First i have to say that i instantly fall in love with auctions platform, both web based and ios app ( yes i'm a proud iPhone 5 user ). Of course i have been visiting in the past but last weekend i really put my mind into it, registered in, downloaded the Apple ios application and listed few domains and participated to auction listed by Morgan Linton :) Actually this listing that Morgan also posted on his blog, triggered me to dig deeper into Flippa auctions, found out also that there was and is a good amount of great dot info domain names on sale. Those two domain names i listed was and, they are now on auction for 11 days.

Flippa account activity overview, screenshot

The website platform is really simple in a good way, it's clear, easy to use and still full of information. There's also a website valuation tool for you to see what is your website worth.

Flippa ios app, screenshot

As i was playing with Flippa ios application i got these notifications about domain names sold on Flippa, i tagged all the interesting dot info auctions before and now saw those notifications pouring on my iPhone screen. There's one little bug on ios notifications, it says domain x sold for $x.xx even if there was no bids or reserve price was not met, it is quite misleading and you have to check the auction listing to be sure, but anyway i will start to post about these final sales soon and will keep you posted more about my experiences with

Happy domaining everyone!!

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