Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How-to earn money with your blog or a website

There is many ways to monetize your blog or website, but first i have to remind you that it's not the ads alone that will made the money for you, it's good content and user friendly website with healthy traffic that will bring the readers and then you will be able to make something out of it, that's the golden rule #1.

So after you have get your self a good domain name or you use services like Google blogger or Wordpress.org and you have chosen your good-site-name.blogspot.com for-example and had written some relevant content on it, you can start to add pieces that will made the money for you. Of-course you may have a fully working website that you have ran for a some time but you haven't started the monetizing process of you site yet. The simple ways after quality content are:

- Add a PPC advertising system like Google Adsense.
With Adsense you simply add html code provided by Google Adsense program, it reads your website keywords and it generates ads according to those words, for-example if you have written an article about your pets, Adsense senses the keywords of your article and then shows adds that advertises everything that is pet related, depending on the keywords. On Google blogger there is a simple way to add it, just hit the earnings tap on your blogger dashboard and sign up. On non blogger site you need to first activate the Adsense account directly on Google Adsense homepage and then after short valuating of your website by Google you can start to add html code to your site. To get you site approved by Google you need to have some relevant content and good site structure on your webpage first so do not try to get your site approved before that and make sure that your site passes the Adsense rules, so read them carefully. 

- Join to Affiliate programs. 
Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to monetize your website. There is so, so many programs out there that i will only write about the most popular ones that i use. The king of affiliate programs, according to big boys is Amazon associates. As you know Amazon.com competes against eBay.com so it's a big player and the amount of products to advertise on your site is vast. No matter what's the subject of your site there's sure a relevant product or product line to advertise. Of-course you can advertise what ever product you like but it's best to advertise something that is somehow related to your site subject. To join Amazon associates, you just simply sign up and start to add banners or direct links, there's a ton of tools to choose from. 

So i mentioned eBay.com, yes and they have a affiliate program also and it's a good one too. You need to sign-up on eBay Partner program and get your site approved, after that there's also a ton of tools to choose from to start advertising on your website.

Other good affiliate programs to mention are, Comission Junction and  LinkShare.

Almost every quality brands website there's a affiliate program, so you can try them out and find the best ones for you.

- Try to get advertisers by yourself.
To do that you need to have a good website whit nice amount of traffic (monthly readers or site clicks). You can put and Advertise page or tab to your website where you sell your own advertising space by your own rules. When you have get good amount of monthly traffic the advertisers actually will contact you, so do have info to contact you.

Now that's it from me, please do remember that these are only possibilities to earn with your blog and i wont promise you a single dollar but with good quality content and good looking website that have good traffic you may be earn good money, it's really up to YOU! 

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