Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Network Solutions auto renew lession learned

Hi, couple of days ago i get this email from paypal that i have paid almost $40 for one email account of one of my domains. First impression was, whatta heck! After a research i remembered that i used this $2 .com couponcode on networksolutions.com and was offered for one free email account for first year as an extra. So i took the email even  i actually didn't needed it, tought it was a nice offer. As you know my error was that i didn't check the details of that email account offer, wich said that account will be renewed somewhere in 90 days before the first year ends. Now i have this email renewed (for $40)90 days before i need to renew the same domain name i took the email account for. So the lesson is that if you go for those low dollar couponcodes on many different registars, you have to be careful and read the offer details. The best thing would be that you could be able to renew your domains on the same registar year after year, so there is better change for you to not get these costly suprices if you stick whit your trusted and familiar registrar.
Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against networksolutions.com but their pricing and misleading advertising sucks. But i made the errors.

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