Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Internet in danger of fall in the hands of one organisation

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Internet should not fall into the International Telecommunication Union ITU's hands, warns the European Parliament. It urges the negotiators to be awake in Dubai next month at the World Conference on International Telecommunications, Wcit 2012.

ITU will propose an international telecommunications reform legislation, which has not been done since 1988. The majority of the some of the reforms proposed by the organization in advance, however, would mean that it would become in practice, "the dominant power of the Internet."

"ITU, or any other single international organization, can not gain control over the internet," says Parliament resolution.

It calls for all EU Member States to prevent any amendments to the code, which would harm the transparency of the Internet, network neutrality and the nature of freedom of expression.

The European Union, the Council and the European Commission will represent Europe in Wcit.

Parliament's resolution demands that they ensure that all the reforms to support the EU's efforts to make the internet a public place, respecting human rights and, in particular freedom of expression and the right of assembly, and which supports free-market principles, network neutrality, and entrepreneurship.

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