Saturday, October 13, 2012

Korean artist PSY and Gangnam style domains

PSY - PSY6甲 6th Album Korea K-pop

Yes it's Gangnam Style! 강남스타일 This South Korean artist PSY released song GANGNAM STYLE in June 2012 and world's #1 hit was born. Gangnam appears to be district in City of Seoul and the "style" is about manner of lavish lifestyle around these Gangnam district gentlemen. My two children aged 11 and 16 dance this gangnam style in front of the mirror and all-ways laughs when i try it :) 

So what about Gangnam style domains? registered 2001

Domains registered around song release in august 2012: ( and all-most every cc and gTld's)

Gagnam style typos? Sorry, Gangnam style typos! Sure:

Domaintools Typofinder used.

  PSY - GANGNAM STYLE  hits youtube #1 with over 444 million views


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