Saturday, June 9, 2012

Introducing, earn online commissions!

Online earning is always fun!
I have used Linkshare affiliate referral program by Rakuten Group for quite some time now, i am very pleased the functionality of their site and the amount of quality brads there. No matter what is your web site or bolg about, there is always  a appropriate brands to advertise and to earn online commissions! After sing up you are all ready a linkshare affiliate and you can start to advertise them. To advertise other brands you just choose ones that you like by few clicks and wait for their approval. Some will approve you almost immediately, some will look up your site and decide if you are qualified or not. Higher quality brands will look for quality of your site and amount of traffic you have in your site/sites. You can sign up as many sites as you like, and operate them easily by one dashboard. It is easy to operate multiple affiliate programs by one site rather than operate them by one site per affiliate program. Every brand had their banners and stuff in Linkshare's site so it very easy to ad one in to your site. I you are new to affiliate programs or advertising, is strongly recommend you to check them out.


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