Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top-level domains revolution - but what are the rules?

Internet ID system for the management of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) at the spring meeting last week in Costa Rica tied to the last nodes in the package, which pop up next year for the online world with hundreds of new top-level domains (gTLDs), or domain name suffixes.

The application deadline is ongoing, and a total of 254 companies or other entities were registered in a retrieval system at the start of the meeting. Everyone has the opportunity to apply for a number of symbols that can represent a dozen different languages ​​and alphabets. Search time is left before the April 12 day, and are expected to peak again finish the race.

The actual competition will start only after all applications have been found within about three weeks. Remains to be seen whether the rules derived from the agreed date. Representatives of States Advisory Committee (GAC) was 17 question list, with stringent, among others, the promised details of an early warning system. Signs have protection (Trademark Clearinghouse, URS) details, many concerns remain, and each of the back if not now then at least devils skilled lawyers.

New rules to protect competition
Many things are left to the last minute, because surely no one could predict whether the applications for dozens, hundreds or thousands. ICANN will be able to handle at one time about 500 applications. Once confirmed that the treatment should be more items, rose to "batching" of debate. The criteria by which applications are divided into lots? How to ensure the various items into the equitable treatment of applications? It is also evident that the search should be more loops, and many of interest to know when the next.

When the race begins, the jury did not see ICANN's management, but dozens of outside panels, and an estimate of men. ICANN has every reason to be 'decision-making at arm's length, when the management ethics and jääviyskysymykset have been tight at some realistic precisely in this context. Many board members have been forced to challenge themselves emblems of the new application process in deciding. The last straw was the previous Board Chairman Peter Dengate Thrushin high-speed deformation at the same position TLDh Top Level Domains, with the company.

ICANN responds quickly and began to reform the ethics rules, new version has now been tightened up for comments, at  ICANN's website.

ICANN also is currently seeking a new CEO, when Rod Beckstromin season remained only three years. This experience has now been learned and applied for a new systematic and, where possible, openly. Notice of The Economist in producing more than a hundred candidates, which is now reportedly under investigation by being interviewed and ten.

ICANN's new captain of the ship is in a hurry to get to a condition that it does not break in front of the storms. The Internet "the new American" disgruntled countries require in the Arab world and elsewhere, the Internet has proved to be as dangerous transnational control. In particular, Russia is trying to ITU Member States to extend the powers of the organization, including Internet security and content issues. And not even the United States are not happy: Trade under the Ministry of National Communications Agency (Ntia) announced that the invitation to tender so-called Iana function, the management does not come to any satisfactory offer. Iana is responsible, inter alia, the allocation of IP addresses and domain names, just the top-level file management practices. ICANN deals with the basis of a separate contract Ntia with. Required, even the offer was not accepted. It was now time until September, and the permit is re-tendering.

Signs of a multi-stakeholder cooperation.

Internet community worried - perhaps more than any time since the Summit on Information Society 2005 - that "it rolls meitin", ie the states with a single voice take over a new critical infrastructure, which so far success is based on the private sector, technical and academic community and civil society to cooperate constructively with each other and the states.

But the signs are also a multi-stakeholder dialogue (multistakeholder Cooperation) as an alternative to the strengthening of the valtioidenvälisyyden.States Representative Committee is meeting to meeting new members, and many states are in other forums call for radical changes to make the GAC for constructive cooperation. Among the new top-level codes of ICANN's Governmental Advisory Board and has so much difficult disputes that they were forced for the first time, ICANN's history of commitment to real negotiations.Follow-up shows the following: San José, was even commonly identified what ICANN's rules, the "GAC's advice" means the Board of Directors.

ICANN's among the different communities - ICANN's contractual relationship with the Registrar (Registries, registrars), other business, the country code managers, service providers, civil society - are climbing out of the joint consultation.

And the most gratifying is that it is no longer taboo to discuss how ICANN and the entire multi-stakeholder community welcomes the challenges ahead. It will be understood that ICANN from now with a loud voice called "global public interest" is something other than first-time responsibility for a relatively narrow, and like-minded online community.


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