Sunday, January 29, 2012

European mobile data will expand 67 times in next ten years?

Mobile Broadband

The Telecommunications community UMTS Forum asks  more bandwidth in 2015.

UMTS Forum predicts that the global mobile data traffic will increase in 2020, next ten-year period by 33-times. In Europe, growth is even faster, european mobile broadband traffic will increase 67-times in next ten years.

According to experts, the data transfer rate is already approaching the theoretical maximum. Networks can not handle the growing volume of traffic.

UMTS Forum to present the ongoing World Radio Conference, the International Telecommunication Union ITU Radio communication Conference to show more frequencies for the network operators for the 2015 meeting.

World Radio Communication Conference 
meets every three years to agree on the future use of the radio spectrum. This year's WRC-12 conference began in Geneva on Monday. The meeting will last for four weeks.

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