Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fair Warning Inc Makes Van Halen Fan A Much Wealthier Man

DomainShane.com: Brett Norton evidently loves Van Halen.  So much that he runs a forum called VHLinks.com centered around the band and its fans.  He also purchased FairWarning.com, the name of Van Halen’s 4th studio album originally release in 1981 as a testament to his fandom. Brett was nice enough to let some board members use the domain as an email address but on August 21st he made this announcement on his forum:

Well I got a crazy offer to buy the domain name the other day, and I sold it. I actually think I could have gotten more in hindsight, but was so shocked by the offer to begin with, I took it. So I have to transfer over the account to Network Solutions within the next week or so.
Obviously that means that if you have use that as your main email address, you need to transfer over to something else and soon, because I don’t know how quick they’ll change it, it’s out of my hands at that point.

I will post when I have approved the transfer, so at least you’ll have a little time, but my thinking is it could be early this week. So please make plans to do that.
Any questions let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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