Saturday, October 8, 2011

F-Secure, thanks and criticizes Google

Steve Jobs' link in Google search engine was a smart move. Spam filtering is however a still big job to do F- Secure said.

Googles search engine front page linked directly to Apple's website and Steve Jobs obituaryIt was not only respectful, but also did make sense,  F-Secure thanks.

Network criminals do not leave untouched  Apple's lead character's death in their moves. Direct link to the official data will certainly prevented many searches, which could have lead to fraudulent websites.

At the same time, the F-Secure criticizes Google. It is good to eliminate the dangerous search result web pages, but has recently been in trouble with spam sites and advertising-related scam pages.

One such scammer page was Stevejobsfuneral.comIt appeared in the first results page, when people wrote, "Steve Jobs funeral" to search engine.

This page, 
collected e-mail addresses from visitors to supposedly draw to win a MacBookPage also linked to the online store, where Apple products were advertised for people who want to keep in mind besides Jobs.

Now, a scam page is no longer found in Google's search resultsIt does not seem to be the actual  adverse site as the security company 
Norton gives the completely clean bill of healthAccording to Norton's, the site is located in Malaysia.

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